Developing Inquiring Minds in Maths and Science

In England PRIMAS will support a national professional development network of Maths & Science ASTs. The intention is that through a series of network meetings ASTs will work together - with PRIMAS support - to develop departmental approaches to inquiry based teaching in their own and ‘outreach’ schools. The overall aim is to encourage teaching that leads to more active learning in maths and science.

This provides a unique opportunity for ASTs to draw on a range of support, including internationally developed materials, to provide a framework for professional development for themselves and colleagues. This seems particularly important at a time when schools are having to become more independent in their approaches to professional development.

The one-day workshops will be facilitated by mathematics and science educators at the universities of Nottingham and Manchester who have much experience in research and design of professional development and materials that support learners develop understanding of important concepts and processes.

This opportunity arises from the project PRIMAS that is working here and in 11 other European nations to tackle what is an international problem: that lessons in maths and science often fail to motivate and interest young people.

Although the network meetings will provide ASTs with opportunities for their own professional development the intention is that they will support their outreach work with colleagues in their own and other schools. It is our intention to build and support small-scale communities of teachers working to develop inquiring minds in learners that are part of a supportive wider national network.

The early workshops will therefore provide opportunities for ASTs to explore their own starting point, the process skills that are common across maths and science, classroom practices that support enquiry and ways of working with colleagues.

For further information contact:

The University of Nottingham
The University of Manchester