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The European project PRIMAS had the broad aim of promoting a more widespread uptake of inquiry-based learning in mathematics and science.

The project set out to compile a collection of professional development and teaching materials from across Europe, design PD programmes and strategies and worked to promote inquiry-based learning.

In England, maths and science educators from the universities of Nottingham and Manchester worked with Advanced Skills Teachers to develop local professional development communities supporting inquiry approaches to teaching and learning.

A series of one-day national network meetings provided opportunities for Advanced Skills Teachers (ASTs) in maths and science to explore how to facilitate professional development.

On this site...

This site contains the Professional Development materials and videos prodiuced by the UK team.

PRIMAS introductory video

Professional Development Resources

International Site

The main project site closed down after the end of the project, but as of November 2018 Universiteit Utrecht are working to restore the core materials.

International site at Universiteit Utrecht (http://primas-project.eu/)

Note: Most popular browsers are dropping support for the Flash format after December 2020, so you may not be able to play the videos on this site. Since there is currently no ongoing funding to support updating these materials, fixing this is low priority. However, very similar materials can be found in a Flash-free format on the Bowland Maths website. and at the Mathematics Assessment Project

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